Green Hour

Paint your own piece of art at Green Hour. The ÉMILE Bar tries to revive the already forgotten tradition of the “Green Hour”. Refine your absinthe with different colours and create a masterpiece matching your individual taste.

Enjoy this mysterious and legendary drink daily from 7 pm to 8 pm. And look forward to becoming acquainted with the “Green Fairy”, which can appear anywhere where there is absinthe.


Paris at the beginning of the 20th century: The Bohemian meets in cafes and bars and relaxes drinking absinthe. Intellectuals and creative minds of that time celebrate the “Green Hour”. The central element is precisely this absinthe, an equally aromatic and refreshing herbal spirit, which can be refined with certain rituals.

Absinthe develops its fantastic aroma only after cooled water has been added. Hence it is particularly important to let the water drop slowly into the absinthe. There are special water dispensers for this procedure called “brouilleurs” or in English absinthe droppers. Once the water mixes, the absinthe begins to become cloudy and changes its colour. At the same time the incomparable aromas, which give the absinthe its uniqueness, start to spread. If you like to experiment we also have additional aromas which you can add to create your very own flavour.

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